How long can IVF be transplanted again after it fails?

The first is the existence of frozen embryos. In the first test tube baby, ovulation induction can promote the excretion of multiple eggs. So as to cultivate multiple embryos. In this case, the doctor will recommend freezing several embryos. If the first IVF operation fails, these frozen embryos can be used for the second IVF embryo transfer. According to the experience of test tube baby experts, if there are frozen embryos, as long as the physical quality is good. After conditioning the body for more than a month, the next embryo transfer can be carried out.

The second is that there is no frozen embryo. If the embryos are not frozen during the first IVF operation, the second IVF operation requires ovulation induction again. Culture embryos. It is equivalent to a complete IVF cycle. Ovulation induction also has certain requirements for physical conditions. Only a good body can guarantee the quality of eggs. In this case, it takes a long time to recuperate. According to experienced test tube baby experts, this situation requires conditioning for three months to six months.

The requirements of the second IVF operation on the body are the same. As long as the body is well conditioned and the reason for the failure of the first IVF operation is found, the second IVF operation is also likely to be successful.

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