Will IVF still have ectopic pregnancy?

IVF babies will have ectopic pregnancy. There are many reasons for ectopic pregnancy, which have not been fully studied at present. The common reasons include the migration of embryos. Even if the embryos are fixed in the uterine cavity with embryo glue during test tube baby, the embryos may still migrate to the fallopian tube or other parts, and then ectopic pregnancy occurs. In addition, abnormal uterine cavity may also lead to ectopic pregnancy, such as inflammation, hyperplasia, polyps in the uterine cavity, which will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Having had ectopic pregnancy in the past is not an indication to be a test tube baby, but if ectopic pregnancy leads to bilateral fallopian tube obstruction or salpingectomy, it is an indication to be a test tube baby. Therefore, patients who have had ectopic pregnancy in the past, regardless of natural pregnancy or pregnancy through test tube baby, have a slightly higher risk of recurrent ectopic pregnancy than patients who have not had ectopic pregnancy. For such patients, it is recommended to check regularly after pregnancy and find ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible to ensure medical safety.

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