Is it painful to be a test tube baby

Doing test tube baby can also be regarded as an operation. When it comes to surgery, many people will think of the problem of pain. In fact, the current medical technology is very mature. The process of test tube baby is not as painful as people think, but the process of test tube baby is not completely free of pain, but it is within the range that people can tolerate. Women who are going to do test tube baby should know that it takes a process to do test tube baby, ovulation induction and egg retrieval, and both of these processes will have pain. Women usually need injections and drugs during the ovulation induction stage, which may last for about two weeks. During this period, some patients will feel swelling and pain, but this is normal, so don't worry. Although anesthesia will be used when egg retrieval, intravenous anesthesia will still cause pain.

It can be said that there is no pain in the whole operation process of IVF, and there may be some pain or discomfort during egg retrieval, but it still needs to be determined according to the specific situation of the patient. However, for those patients with serious symptoms, they will use sedative pain drugs in an appropriate amount, so it is completely tolerable, and the patients need not be afraid. I believe that through the above introduction, you can understand that IVF surgery is not so painful, and you can put down your nerves. A relaxed mood can help patients complete the whole process of IVF surgery more smoothly. Therefore, patients must try to adjust their emotions and avoid excessive tension and fear.

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