What preparations should be made before test tube baby to improve the success rate?

1. Comprehensive examination to understand the physical condition
Before the test tube, female friends should check their hormone levels (six items of sex hormones) and whether the uterus and ovaries are in good condition (such as endometrium, myoma, ovary size, etc.). We should also focus on some indicators of ovarian reserve function, such as the number of follicles under AMH and B-ultrasound.

2. Choose a nutritious diet instead of being picky about food

First, eat more foods with high protein. High protein foods will promote the growth of follicles, such as milk, soybeans, fish, shrimp and eggs; Cattle, sheep and pork.

Second, Keep soaking your feet every day. The specific method is: the water temperature is about 41-42 degrees. The water should not exceed the lower leg for about 30 minutes until sweating. Until the night before transplantation, the menstrual period should also soak the feet.

Third, Drink pregnant women's milk powder. Pregnant women began to drink milk powder one month before transplantation.

Forth, Men eat more food to supplement their sperm. Foods rich in vitamins can supplement sperm. Vitamins A, B, C, e, etc. are indispensable for providing raw materials for sperm and semen, promoting sperm synthesis and metagenesis, regulating gonadal function, enhancing sperm vitality, protecting the anti infection ability of accessory gonads, and maintaining the whole metabolic process of sperm.

These vitamins are widely found in animal liver, vegetable oil, green leafy vegetables and carrots, peas, tomatoes, lentils, lettuce, cauliflower, pumpkin, potatoes, Sherry red, cabbage, garlic, jujube and fresh fruit.

3. Live regularly without adding burden to the body
Get rid of bad habits that affect your health, such as smoking and drinking, staying up late, drinking strong tea, and drinking a lot of coffee, so as to ensure a good life schedule and rhythm. For couples who are preparing to enter the test tube cycle, having a normal and well conditioned body is the basis for a smooth pregnancy. Bad habits will greatly increase the burden on body organs, so we must pay attention!

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