What are the precautions after test tube baby transplantation

1. The body should be relaxed after operation. The body, hands and feet can move freely. Don't hold your urine. You can urinate consciously. The embryo won't flow out because of urination.

2. Ensure a healthy diet. For test tube transplant women, it is best to focus on light diet and develop healthy eating habits at the same time. During pregnancy, try not to smoke or drink alcohol, nor drink coffee, strong tea and other drinks, so as not to affect the fetus.

3. Reduce strenuous exercise. After the test tube baby is transplanted, you must avoid physical activities, including stretching, balancing your toes, squatting, lifting heavy objects, etc. after 48 hours, you can walk slowly, but you'd better not walk fast or jog.

4. Keep a cheerful mood. During the test tube transplantation, you must maintain a happy mood and appropriately relieve the pressure to avoid the impact on pregnancy. At ordinary times, you can take a walk outdoors or listen to music appropriately, which can help you relax and improve the implantation rate of the fetus.

5. Get medical attention in time. There will be many accidents after embryo transfer. In case of abdominal pain, abdominal distension and vaginal bleeding, you must seek medical attention immediately. At ordinary times, you should supplement folic acid, fruits and vegetables to promote the normal development of embryos.

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