How much is a test tube baby

Do a test tube baby, the price is about 20000 yuan. The cost of IVF includes examination, follicular monitoring, ovulation inducing drugs and surgery. Specifically:
1. Examination fee: IVF needs to extract germ cells from both husband and wife. Before extraction, the bodies of both parties must be examined to ensure the health of germ cells. On the other hand, pregnant women need regular examinations to ensure the health of embryos after transplantation. The cost of these examination items will vary according to different hospitals

2. Cost of follicle monitoring and ovulation inducing drugs: follicle monitoring and ovulation inducing drugs are the most important steps in the process of IVF. Ovulation inducing drugs are divided into domestic drugs and imported drugs. Domestic drugs are relatively cheap, but the effect is not as good as imported drugs. Follicular monitoring refers to the doctor's evaluation of follicular development, which needs to be checked by B-ultrasound for many times and adjusted according to the patient's situation. These costs account for one third of the total cost of IVF.

3. Operation cost of IVF: IVF requires multiple operations, such as sperm and egg collection, embryo transfer, etc. In addition, sperm and eggs need a certain environment to develop into fertilized eggs after in vitro fertilization. These costs account for a large part of the total cost of IVF.

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