Can IVF choose gender?

Test tube baby can choose gender. The emergence of test tube baby technology has brought our self-control of childbirth to a new world. Up to now, there are one generation, two generations and three generations that can be used in clinic. The first generation of test tube technology solves infertility caused by female factors; The second generation of test tube technology solves the problem of infertility caused by male factors; The third generation of test tube technology is an unprecedented breakthrough, leading mankind to grasp the reproductive option from the perspective of biogenetics, eliminate genetic diseases caused by genetic problems and freely select the gender of test tube babies.

However, the policies for gender selection are different according to different regions. In China, unless medical diagnosis is provided to prove that they have serious genetic diseases and go through various strict procedures, in reality, the door of selecting gender through IVF is equivalent to closing. However, in the United States, it is legal to select gender for IVF to give birth to boys and girls. Therefore, IVF technology itself can choose gender, but some countries almost prohibit gender selection in policy.

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