What harm does orchitis have, can you cause infertility

Whether orchitis will affect fertility should be determined according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, if it is acute orchitis, it will have a great impact on fertility. Chronic orchitis has little impact on sexual function, but it will lead to ejaculation pain. Patients with orchitis limited to one side will not have impotence and will not affect fertility; However, if it is bilateral, it needs to be checked to determine whether infertility occurs.

In addition, nonspecific orchitis and mumps orchitis will also have a certain impact on men's fertility. Clinically, they are also one of the common causes of infertility. To sum up, orchitis may have an impact on fertility, but not all orchitis will affect fertility. It is recommended that patients with orchitis go to the hospital for detailed examination to determine what kind of orchitis they belong to and whether orchitis has an impact on their fertility.

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