Year-end Thanksgiving Week of 2020

The year of 2020 is destined to be a year in the annals of history. In this year, the entire planet and mankind have experienced too many twists and turns, too much hardship, and too much suffering.

In a blink of an eye, we are about to enter the new year. Looking back on 2020, there were so many moving moments as unbearable difficult moments occurred.

In the difficult times, it is the constant encouragement, support and trust from the clients of Uterus Medical that make Uterus Medical move forward!

Uterus Medical has never forgotten its first responsibility and kindness in taking care of the health of mothers and babies! This is also the unchanged original intention and persistence of us!


In the last week of 2020, Uterus International Medical's annual public welfare subsidy week in 2020 will continue as usual and is only valid for one week! For more details, please contact the consultant.

Validity of public welfare subsidies: 

December 22nd - 28th , 2020.


Introduction to Three Promotions:


A.From December 22nd to 28th of 2020, you can get a free insurance of Single Childbirth Maternity worth US$10,000 from Uterus International Medical (the only subsidy promotion for one week of the year)

Description: Maternity insurance is an indispensable guarantee for maternity guarantee medical records. Maternity insurance bears 100% of the medical risks and effectively controls the birth budget. (Reference: In September 2020, due to inhalation of amniotic fluid during childbirth, a patient who did not purchase maternity insurance was hospitalized had to afford out-of-pocket expenses of 215,442 baht. The above example only involves the most common single medical risk)



B.If the contract is confirmed and deposit is made during the period (December 22nd to 28th of 2020), the client can enjoy Charity Package: USD 78,000  for egg donation with surrogacy in southeast Asia guaranteed charity package.


1. One quota for couple/single client.

2. No history of any infection

3. No gender requirement (no need for embryo screening)

4. The screening of donor information is limited to 5 groups

5. Sperm test results meet the requirements of Uterus International Medical Review

6. Intended parents need to pass psychological test and evaluation

7. The designated route by Uterus Medical to perform the medical case

8. Need to cooperate with Uterus International Medical online promotion activities (baby shooting or video recording)


** The above two kinds of subsidies cannot be superimposed and shared, and the final interpretation right of the event belongs to Uterus International Medical


C.If the contract is confirmed and deposit is made during the period (December 22nd to 28th of 2020), clients will be provided a set of customized 99 sterling silver longevity lock and hand and foot ring sets worth USD 200 from Uterus International Medical for free;

 Description:Provided once the contract is confirmed, and the pattern will be random.


Global service, Birth guarantee. Uterus Medical's year-end thanksgiving promotion is made once a year for only one week. Clients with fertility needs please quickly move on to the road of getting a baby!


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