LisheUterus Participated in the 11th International Genomics Conference

The 11th International Genomics Congress opened at the National Gene Bank in Shenzhen from November 4 to 6, 2016. The Director of Uterus, Liu and many  famous experts and scholars from all over the world were gathered in Shenzhen to discuss the development of research and academics to promote the genome.  The International Genomics Congress is one of the most influential global academic forums in the field of omics, and this year's theme is “Omics for All ---Global Partnership”. There were nearly 700 participants from different countries attended the meeting, with more than 30 peak dialogues. Participants exchanged and discussed all aspects of innovation in medicine and health, agriculture and poverty alleviation, green ecology creation, big data and gene banks.

Obviously, biotechnology represented by genomics in the world has become one of the most promising and dynamic fields of science and technology. It presents a new trend of integration with information technology and is triggering a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. For Uterus Medical, with the use of sequencing technology in the field of reproduction and fertility, we could benefit more patients by carrying out large-scale genome sequencing for them. In this case, Uterus will continue to invest in genomics research, keep pace with advanced medical care and commit to serving patients in needs.

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