Congratulations for Lei Yingfan Joined DeltaOmega Honorary Society

Delta Omega (ΔΩ) is the honorary society for studies in public health. The society was founded in 1924 by graduate students Dr. Edgar Erskine Hume and Dr. Claude W. Mitchell at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Currently, there are over 100 chapters with over 20,000 members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The society's mission is to promote excellence in contributing to the field of public health and advancing the health of people in every aspect, both in the United States and internationally.

Delta Omega values the advancement of public health education, practice and research and has therefore taken on an initiative to preserve Public Health Classics. For the past decade, the society has sought to preserve and promote public health history by identifying and reprinting classic works in public health. Classics may be books, scientific journal articles, technical reports, legislation or other written publications or multi-media productions. The classics are selected for their historical value and significant contribution to the profession and science of public health. These documents are usually out of print or not widely available in libraries. Delta Omega places the classics on its Web site to make them freely available to all members.

Membership in Delta Omega reflects the dedication of an individual to quality in the field of public health and to protection and advancement of the health of all people. Election to the society is based on outstanding performance – scholarship in students, teaching and research in faculty members, and community service in alumni. Election to membership in Delta Omega is intended, not only to recognize merit, but also, to encourage further excellence in, and devotion to, public health work.

Each chapter must be associated with a Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)- accredited school and is limited to inducting no more than 10% of the graduating student body, with each inductee in the top 25% of their class for academic performance. Public health faculty and alumni may also be inducted, but no more than 3% of faculty may be inducted from one program.

In addition to the regularly elected members, chapters and the national executive board invite persons possessing exceptional qualifications, who have attained meritorious national or international distinction in the field to become honorary members of the society. These members include former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, former U.S. President Herbert Hoover, Dr. Jonas Salk and former U.S. Congressman John Edward Porter.

General Manager Lei Yingfan has become a member of the Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society for her outstanding academic achievements and contributions to the medical services and public health for more than a decade. During her studies at Benedictine University in the United States, she studied rigorously and has outstanding practical skills. She had not only excellent academic study in domestic, but also had obtained excellent results in all disciplines during the internship period in the US public health, medical institutions, children's homes, and aged care services. In addition, Ms. Lei is enthusiastic about social work, actively organizes and participates in community public welfare and international exchange activities, and has been complimented by people from all walks of life.

Ms. Lei's achievements reflect the talent team construction system of Uterus International Medical established. It has always adhered to the first principle of providing high-quality medical services to customers, accepting advanced management ideas, stimulating the company's innovative consciousness to increase customer satisfaction and get a long-standing professional reputation.

Under the guidance of “The life cycle, cause love”, Uterus International Medical provides high-quality medical services to its customers. The "people-oriented" talent strategy is the driving force for the sustainable development of Uterus. We will enhance the intensity of talent training, optimize the management construction system, improve the core competitiveness of employees and the company to comprehensively improve the level of medical services, and to protect our customers' health.

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