The 23rd IFFS International Reproductive Alliance Conference

The 23rd IFFS International Reproductive Alliance Conference : the 5th Pujiang Reproductive Medicine Forum officially opened in the beautiful and solemn Shanghai World Expo Center.

About the IFFS
International co-operation and dialogue in the field of fertility and sterility can be said to have truly commenced in 1951 in Rio de Janeiro with the formation of the International Fertility Association (IFA). Eminent scientists from various parts of the world became members and triennial World Conferences in Fertility and Sterility were organized, the first in New York, USA, in May, 1953.  

As a Non-State Actor (NSA) it promote and develop educational initiatives in the field of reproductive health in support of World Health Organization (WHO) aims and objectives and the renewed focus and prioritization the WHO has given to infertility as a disease.

IFFS' worldwide mission is to stimulate research, disseminate educational information, and encourage the superior clinical care of patients in all aspects of reproductive and fertility medicine.  It represents over 65 UN country specific fertility societies that in the aggregate encompass an estimated 50,000 physicians and reproduction medicine specialists worldwide including various healthcare professionals.

The IFFS conference is held once every three years in different countries. It is the first time that the conference is held in China.

The forum was jointly organized by Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and the International Reproductive Association Alliance. The theme is the transforming the frontiers of human reproduction.

Miss Xiwei Yuan, one of the researchers of Uterus International Medical attended the forum and carefully listened the reports and speeches of experts. She confessed that she had learnt a lot from this conference and comprehensively know the latest fruits in the field of assisted reproduction and she decided to focus more on the development of this field and share them with more colleagues.

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