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International IVF management mode is for the infertility family or the family in the country with the policy of birth control. The mode uses the advantaged projects of the world’s outstanding reproductive centers and the donation systems of different regions to provide the resultoriented combination package for clients. For example, it offers services for the preparation in mainland China, arrange Ukrainian egg donation, the embryos cultivation in Japan’s high-level embryos laboratory, the professional ASEAN member states’ surrogacy system and embryo transplantation and baby delivery. Through medical transport of genetic material and medical travel, the use of the world’s top combination of assisted reproductive medicine resources ultimately meets the clients’ needs of reproductive.

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Guaranteed Fertility Plan

Lishebaby assisted reproduction management service has fully upgraded as fertility guarantee plan, that means, we will offer a set of fertility guarantee service of three-main-line choices with over 50 combinations. There will be at least one proposition suitable for you because you can choose from whether Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Georgia, Cambodia in Asia, or Greece, Spain, Belgium in Europe, or America and Canada in North America. We will also offer you cap charge and provide you insurances and guarantees for your budget by strategic cooperation with the insurance company LUMAHEALTH AISA.

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Uterus International medical is the brand of fertility medical service affiliated to Infinite Telomere holding, which is registered in British Virgin Islands and jointly founded by four industry experts from the United States, Japan, Thailand and China; Uterus International medical holds the medical license of China, the United States and Thailand and the qualification of medical tourism reception in Japan; Uterus International medical has cooperative hospitals throughout Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia; Uterus International medical is one of the institutions with the largest number of medical service channels for infant medical services; Uterus undertakes more than 200 complex cases with sperm donation and fertility replacement every year, more than 500 IVF cycles; patients come from 15 countries and regions around the world.